Share Our Failures

The web is full of amateurs that can collectively fail a whole number of times until a pattern of success can be accumulated from the collective mass. A website like HopeForFilm/TrulyFreeFilm charts the various different experiments that people are taking and enables us to benefit from the cumulative thought. Can this be the path to […]

On narrative

James: Firstly I would like to thank John and the audience for an incredibly intensive Symposium session this afternoon. I am physically exhausted. My mind is also racing… If I understand John correctly, he is advocating a lateral-thinking style of non-narrative cinema whereby provocation of ideas is the purpose, as opposed to a fixed polemic […]

How’s it going?

A great day of discussions and debate! Symposium is off to a flying start. Thanks to Emmet Dwyer who emailed about ‘The Strangest Secret’ after James’s first lecture. Many thanks to those of you who came and heard Stephen Hurst discuss his first film experience. We hope it was useful. Today a whole gang of […]